What Sets Us Apart

Your New Smile Starts Here!

Our talented orthodontic team welcomes you to Sanborn Orthodontics. We strive to make your orthodontic experience as memorable and rewarding as possible by providing exceptional customer service with top-quality care in a comfortable and fun environment! 

Dr. Robert Sanborn believes in building positive relationships with our patients. He wants to get to know you and your family and takes the time to learn about the things that are most important to you. Each smile that Dr. Sanborn and his team helps to create is as unique as the person it belongs to; therefore, we customize each smile for each patient.

Dr. Sanborn also prefers a non-extraction approach to orthodontics, whenever possible, to achieve a beautiful, full smile.

Sanborn Orthodontics offers a variety of orthodontic solutions, all customized to fit your individual orthodontic needs, including Damon® Smile, Damon® Clear™Invisalign®, and Invisalign Teen®. We use the latest in state-of-the-art orthodontic and digital equipment to offer our patients a comfortable and environmentally friendly experience.

For new patients, we are also pleased to offer a complimentary orthodontic consultation, so you can learn about which treatment option will work best for you.

Our Experience!

Our team is equipped to provide you with the best smile possible in a timely manner. We are the EXCLUSIVE provider in the area of Damon Smile Braces. This system requires a minimum of at least two years of experience with its technology in order to implement the powerful benefits the Damon Smile System provides.

Dr. Sanborn has treated hundreds of patients with this system, which is what has made us the leaders in the area with this technology. Our team is also the PREFERRED provider of Damon Clear, which means you can experience the power of Damon using clear brackets! You can rest assured that, since our office is the only Preferred Provider of the Damon Smile system in our community, you will benefit from the POWER this system will provide for you!

Dr. Sanborn is also a Platinum Provider with Invisalign Clear Aligner Technology.  He has taken his art for creating beautiful smiles down the clear path with Invisalign.  We specialize in adult and teen Invisalign.  


Our mission at Sanborn Orthodontics is to provide you with the highest quality of orthodontic treatment possible in a fun and friendly environment. The systematic approach we have to treating our patients makes this possible for Dr. Sanborn to do it in a seamless manner.

Our dental referrals comment all the time on the beautiful smiles we create in our office on a consistent basis — comments like, “We can tell where our patients have been treated without even looking at their chart when they come into our office.” This is because of the technology we use in our office and our ability to create broad, wide smiles that are aesthetically pleasing.

Our Pursuit of Excellence!

We believe that excellence is not an end point, but something one should strive for on a daily basis. Dr. Sanborn is always on the pursuit of excellence. Continuing education classes are something that orthodontists are required to complete in order to maintain their license. Dr. Sanborn goes above and beyond this minimum, to acquire THREE TIMES the required mininums of continuing-educations in order to make himself ever better as an orthodontist.  

The Experience!

We have gone above and beyond to make sure your experience with our office is like no other! We want your time with us to be fun, relaxing, and memorable.

Check out our Office Tour to see all our office has to offer to make your experience enjoyable. Here are just a few amenities we have in our office: free WiFi, PS3 game system, iPad 4 and iPad Minis, Digital HD cable, Blu-Ray DVDs, Kaleidoscope digital signage, Dunkin Donuts coffee and refreshment bar, etc.

Most important, we pride ourselves on making the treatment process seamless. From the moment you enter our office for your new patient exam to the day your braces are removed, your experience will be seamless. Here are some examples:  

  • We verify and file your insurance as a courtesy, and we provide you with flexible payment options that fit your budget.
  • We have e-mail, text, and phone appointment reminders.
  • We go above and beyond to find appointment times that work for you.
  • We explain the treatment process from beginning to end.
  • We coordinate and work as a team with your dentist.  

We do everything we possibly can to make your experience like no other!

Schedule your next appointment with Sanborn Orthodontics!

We would love to get to know you and your smile! You’re invited to schedule an appointment today at our Morehead City location.  We are also happy to announce that we are now offering Express Adult Consults in Jacksonville, NC on Friday mornings, by appointment only.  Come EXPERIENCE what everyone is talking about! We look forward to meeting you soon!

"Dr. Sanborn is amazing with kids, and the Damon® Smile system he uses has the results I was looking for! I would highly recommend to anyone looking for orthodontics on the Crystal Coast: high quality, professional, knowledgeable, and parent-kid friendly! Thanks for helping my daughter smile!"~ Page Y.
"Sanborn Orthodontics is always having fun events so you can earn San Dollars, and they can be traded in for some great prizes. The staff are very friendly and are willing to help out in any way possible. They act like they have known you for a lifetime. I would recommend Sanborn Orthodontics to everyone!"~ Andrea G.
"We could not have found a nicer, more professional orthodontic practice than Sanborn. The entire staff is so welcoming, friendly, and helpful. The office is state of the art, and has a wonderful waiting area and overall inviting atmosphere. Our daughter actually looks forward to her appointments!"~ Lori E.
"I love Sanborn Orthodontics, it is the best place to go! I was worried about braces because I have to get them soon and I had heard bad stories. They told me all about the steps and how they do the treatment. Now I am worry-free and ready to get my braces!"~ Riley G.
"I am so excited to share my experience about the staff at Sanborn Orthodontics. I had my braces on for 23 months and am so glad I did. The staff was always friendly and I always left happy, even when I had an adjustment."~ Cheryl S.
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