Sanborn Patient Rewards Program

The purpose of our Sanborn Reward Program is for you to take “ownership” of the investment in orthodontic treatment that your parents have provided for you. As an incentive for you to have routine dental cleanings with your general dentist, and also when you display good oral hygiene and are cooperative throughout treatment, we will reward you with our Sanborn Points, which you may cash in for gift cards and prizes during your orthodontic treatment.

Our hope is that this behavioral incentive program will help you to achieve clean, healthy, and spot-free teeth upon completion of your orthodontic treatment. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us provide you with the smile you have always wanted!

To help motivate you and encourage better cooperation while you are in treatment, the following list outlines the ways you can earn points at each appointment, which can be exchanged for a variety of gift cards and prizes listed in our office.


5 POINTS = Good hygiene (if patients oral hygiene is not good don’t give points)

5 POINTS = Pt is wearing elastics/Nothing is broken

5 POINTS = Wears Sanborn t-shirt to school/ to appointment

5 POINTS = Patient is on honor role at school/ earns a reward/ recognized for something extra at school/ in a club or sports team/ within the community (ex: student of the month) and patient brings in/ shows evidence to support case points will be given


Patients must be in active treatment (not retainers) to earn Sanborn Points for no more than one appointment each month.

Good Luck, and Have Fun!!

— Dr. Sanborn and Ortho Team

* Our gift cards and swag are constantly changing and you can view them in the office. Feel free to take a look during your next appointment!

“Dr. Sanborn did a terrific job with my daughter! She has a movie star smile! Great staff, fun and friendly place. Highly recommend!"

Laura L.

Best ortho around great with kids. They have activities to put the kids at ease and keep them occupied even video screens to watch movies while in the chair being examined."

Brian L.

“On vacation, my son's expander broke, and half of it came out of his mouth. We slightly panicked as we were more than two hours from home. We called Sanborn Orthodontist, they stayed open for us to get there and took care of him as if he was one of their regular patients. We were so impressed and thankful."

Maureen B.

“The staff is awesome. They made our little girl feel so comfortable. Outstanding atmosphere!"

Cathy L.

“Love Dr. Sanborn and his staff. They are very friendly and care about all their patients. He is involved in the community in promoting dental care. I went in for my consultation appointment and I was back in the next day getting my braces on. I would recommend Dr. Sanborn for anyone who is looking for a good orthodontist."

Holly A.

“Love Sanborn! The staff is very friendly and professional. Been going for a year and will miss them when I’m done."

Tina G.
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