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Our office is proud to offer the Lythos™ Digital Impression System: a way to capture highly detailed, three-dimensional images of your teeth and mouth for diagnostic, restorative, and cosmetic procedures. Using this state-of-the-art digital technology, we can reduce the need for taking traditional poly-vinyl siloxane (PVS) and alginate impressions, which are taken to obtain diagnostic study models. This nearly eliminates the goop and discomfort synonymous with traditional impressions.

Lythos delivers dual-arch capture in less than ten minutes, which means you’ll spend less time in the chair and won’t have to deal with traditional goopy impressions that makes you gag. A smaller wand tip gives us the ability to capture data in a wet environment (which means no messy powders or coating are involved). This results in higher patient comfort and less chair time.

Also, in the past, it was point-and-click technology that limited us to a single image capture, whereas with Lythos’s technology, which captures data in real time, we can acquire high-definition quality at all angles of the scanned tooth surface.

With Lythos, we can:

  • Scan: The small, pen-like scanning device easily fits into even the smallest parts of your mouth with very little discomfort.
  • Process: Because we can re-scan any area during the process, we can stop and start as many times as needed to ensure your comfort.
  • Review: Your scan can be reviewed on-screen at any point during the scan, and the touch screen can be used to rotate the image to help you visualize your oral health and treatment needs.

Lythos ensures better appliance fit with fewer chairside adjustments. That means you’ll spend less time in our office and more time showing off your smile to the world! Ask a member of our team about the Lythos Digital Impression System the next time you’re in our office!

"Dr. Sanborn is amazing with kids, and the Damon® Smile system he uses has the results I was looking for! I would highly recommend to anyone looking for orthodontics on the Crystal Coast: high quality, professional, knowledgeable, and parent-kid friendly! Thanks for helping my daughter smile!"~ Page Y.
"Sanborn Orthodontics is always having fun events so you can earn San Dollars, and they can be traded in for some great prizes. The staff are very friendly and are willing to help out in any way possible. They act like they have known you for a lifetime. I would recommend Sanborn Orthodontics to everyone!"~ Andrea G.
"We could not have found a nicer, more professional orthodontic practice than Sanborn. The entire staff is so welcoming, friendly, and helpful. The office is state of the art, and has a wonderful waiting area and overall inviting atmosphere. Our daughter actually looks forward to her appointments!"~ Lori E.
"I love Sanborn Orthodontics, it is the best place to go! I was worried about braces because I have to get them soon and I had heard bad stories. They told me all about the steps and how they do the treatment. Now I am worry-free and ready to get my braces!"~ Riley G.
"I am so excited to share my experience about the staff at Sanborn Orthodontics. I had my braces on for 23 months and am so glad I did. The staff was always friendly and I always left happy, even when I had an adjustment."~ Cheryl S.
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