San Dollars

The purpose of our San Dollar Reward Program is for you to take "ownership" in the investment of orthodontic treatment that your parents have provided for you. As an incentive for you to have routine dental cleanings with your general dentist and also by you displaying good oral hygiene and being cooperative throughout treatment, we will reward you with our San Dollars that you may cash in for spins on our "Sanborn Spinner" prize wheel for gift cards, swag, etc...* during orthodontic treatment. Our hope is that this behavioral incentive program will help you have clean, healthy and spot free teeth upon completion of your orthodontic treatment. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us provide you with the smile that you have always wanted!

To help motivate you and encourage better cooperation while you are in treatment, the following list outlines ways that you can earn tokens at each appointment, which can be exchanged for a variety of prizes listed in our office:

You can earn ONE San Dollar if EACH category below is achieved at your orthodontic appointment (up to 4 at each appointment):

  • Good Oral Hygiene
    • San DollarsPatient must display healthy looking gums
    • Less than three areas of plaque and no food
      in the braces
  • Good Appliance Care
    • No loose brackets or appliances
    • No bent or broken wires
  • Good Cooperation
    • Wearing all appliances (rubber bands, etc.) for the required
      number of hours
  • Not Missing Your Previous Appointment
    • And being on time for your appointment

Additional Coins For:

  • A signed certificate (attached below) by your general dentist at your routine cleaning
    (2 San Dollars)
    (We recommend 3 routine dental cleanings a year from your general dentist.)
  • Wearing your "Sanborn Orthodontics" t-shirt to your appointment (1 San Dollar)
  • Community Involvement (1 San Dollar)
  • Outstanding Grades: As/Bs or Excellent/Good (1 San Dollar)
  • Registering for on-line access in our office (1 San Dollar)

Patients must be in active treatment (not retainers) to earn San Dollars and will only earn tokens for one appointment each month.

Good Luck and Have Fun! - Dr. Sanborn and Ortho Team

*Our gift cards and swag are constantly changing and are able to be viewed in the office.  Feel free to take a look at your next appointment!

Download a copy of the certificate to be signed by the dentist or dental hygienist at your routine cleaning:

Dental Cleaning Certificate

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